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Covering the full spectrum of insurance matters, we offer one of the most comprehensive insurance law practices in Turkey. Our expertise ranges from the specialized areas to advising on general insurance matters, providing to clients a depth of experience and knowledge, together with resources tailored to the requirements of each individual file.


Marine insurance is one of the core practice areas of our firm. As a highly related subject with all sorts of maritime disputes, we assist our clients in all areas of marine insurance, including hull, P&I, FD&D, charterers’ liability, loss of hire, war, political and terrorism risks, and port and terminal liability. Cavus & Coskunsu is highly reputable with its first class cross-border assistance to many indemnity, hull and liability insurers around the globe.


Our insurance lawyers consider all dispute resolution methods including mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences, before commencing the lengthy trial process. This balanced approach has become a predominant part of our practice and a particular strength of our firm. Members of our insurance group are closely working with shipping and employment & marine labour departments which are highly linked with substantial amount of cases being handled by our firm.


Our practice encompasses all aspects of insurance litigation, including representation of insurers, reinsurers and brokers in disputes and subrogation claims involving product, property, casualty and disability issues.


We also provide opinions on coverage and policy interpretation and represent clients in a wide variety of commercial and contractual disputes. In addition, we are often called upon by our clients to present seminars and legal updates on new developments in insurance law and the claims management process.