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corporate culture founded on respect

Shipping requires a well-structured team work. From ground to the top our firm gives priority to team culture at all levels of the organization, both for our clientele and our employees. The synergies created go on to generate added value through excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency. All members of our firm are committed to serving our clients well.



The art of listening, to better understand and act

Navigation on the seas requires a great skill of understanding. In order to understand clearly you need to listen carefully. Listening is the starting point for all human contact. It creates a relationship of trust, but above all it establishes a good understanding of clients’ needs and issues, right from the start so that we may offer solutions that are tailored to their business reality.



Creative excellence

Every problem is unique and needs special creative attention. We offer our clients a thorough understanding of the law and the evolution of judicial precedents, a creative approach and an intelligent handling of every problem.



The transfer of knowledge

The value of our firm is based on the constant commitment that the founding members showed to younger members by passing the torch to the next generation. We build upon the transfer of knowledge, the involvement of more junior members in the organization’s challenges and their immersion in our values.